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ONTD_GLEE: Like talking into a vacuum

WELCOME TO ontd_glee

Welcome to ONTD_GLEE! We're an ONTD offshoot for the hit Fox show Glee and the most updated Glee community on livejournal. As seen on E! Online and TV Guide, among other media outlets.

The Mothership: ohnotheydidnt


1. Posting: If your entry is big enough to take over the whole page then it should be placed behind a cut. This includes:

- More than one video
- Numerous pictures and ones that are over 600px
- Long interviews and articles

If you still don't know how to make a cut please go HERE.

2. Spoilers: All spoilers should be placed behind a cut with a spoiler warning when making a new post. ontd_glee employs a 24-hour grace period from the original airdate. After 24 hours, everything is fair game.

3. Sources: Try and include a source or at least mention one. As cool as sourcing is, we're not going to get upset and delete your entry if you left it out. It's no biggie. If you're posting a youtube video and your source is youtube, yeah. We understand.

4. Graphics: We welcome all kinds of graphics. If you made some icons, wallpapers, banners, painted/drew a picture, etc. feel free to post them.

5. Downloads: Do not spread downloads found in this community to other forums and communities unless you receive permission from the person who has uploaded them. If your friends love downloads, have them join us!

6. Promotions: If you are here to promote your website or livejournal, you need to receive approval from a maintainer. Please do not source your personal website as a way to promote it. That is not cute.

7. Before posting, look through the tags!

8. If you have sensitivity issues, please check out places like glee_tv and gleeclub. As an ohnotheydidnt offshoot community, we will not coddle you and we are in no way obligated to love your favorites. If you can't take the heat, stay out of ontd_glee!

9. DO NOT POST TUMBLR EDITS. Most are ugly.

If you are requesting to be a member, your journal must be active and not brand new.

As of April 2011, we are no longer affiliating. Any other questions can be asked at the concerns post below.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the rules or how the community is run leave your comment here.


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