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News Dump: Kevin McHale slays the UK, Chris Colfer runs LA, Darren Criss simulates rape, and MORE!

Here's some shit you might have missed recently:

- Kevin McHale has been looking sexy all over England while promoting a brand new show that he's the goddamn host of. Watch him be adorable in episode 1 of Virtually Famous, then have laugh-out-loud nightmares about food sex and dead cats flying at your face.

VF S01E01 (21 July 2014) by kevinmchalenewsvf
[tumblr link]

These other two white guys are in the show too.

- Amber Riqueen & Jenna Who-kowitz have begun rehearsals for their Hollywood Bowl production of Hair.

- The boring engaged couple, Blake Bowlcut and Melissa BasicCarthy, have roped what seems like a hundred members of the Glee crew into working on their shitty-sounding crowd-funded movie. Everyone in the Glee fandom with taste is continuing to ignore the film's attempts at existence.

[photo not found because i didn't give a shit]

- Chris Colfer released his 4th book and had a big book tour. Some of his Glee costars (aka his hag and two of his many substitute mommies) showed up at the final stop in LA to stand around for hours and just watch him sign books for everyone in a line that allegedly caused traffic jams.

He also guest starred in Hot in Cleveland last night. Watch it if you're just as turned on by senior citizens and their dated references as Chris is.

HIC517 from chriscolfernews on Vimeo.

[tumblr post]

- Some douchebag associate of notorious douchebag Darren Criss posted this picture of Darren pretending to get really into anal rape (no homo) and then deleted it. Lovely to see him cutting loose and having such a good time this hiatus. He should keep it up.

- Mark Jowl-ling is dating a young unsuspecting girl, and the internet only found out about it because the other guy in Mark's iconic two man band thirstily submitted a picture of them to some media outlets. Mark remains an alleged actual rapist.

Drop more news in the comments if I missed anything good.
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