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Chris Colfer continues to overshadow his shorter, balder coworker; will voice animated "Robodog"

Chris Colfer, Ron Perlman to Voice 'Robodog' Anime Feature

The ‘Glee’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ stars will voice the two canine characters in the first original production from Marza Animation Planet.

Chris Colfer (Glee) and Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) will voice the lead canine characters in Robodog, Marza Animation Planet’s first original production, a 3D CG feature directed by Henry F. Anderson III (Stuart Little).

"The kid in me is barely being contained right now — I’m so happy to get the chance to work on my first animated film," said Colfer of the role.

"We are absolutely ecstatic that Chris has chosen Robodog as his first foray into animation. Coupled with Ron’s extraordinary voiceover work, the duo’s talent will make for great chemistry onscreen,” said Marza’s CEO Masanao Maeda.

Perlman’s voiceover work has included Disney’s Tangled and Fox’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Marza is a subsidiary of Japanese game-maker Sega Sammy, has offices in L.A. and Tokyo, and worked on last year’s 3D CG epic Space Pirate Captain Harlock for Toei Animation.

Robodog is currently in pre-production, with voiceover work set to start on Feb.1.

The UK’s Timeless Films will be representing Robodog at the European Film Market in Berlin next month.


Berlin: Chris Colfer, Ron Perlman Voicing ‘Robodog’

“Glee” star Chris Colfer and Ron Perlman have come on board to Marza Animation Planet’s animated film “Robodog,” to be directed by Henry F. Anderson III (“Stuart Little”).

Timeless Films is handling international rights and will present “Robodog” to buyers at next month’s European Film Market in Berlin.

Paul Wang is producing “Robodog” with Robert Reece and William Schneider writing. Voiceover work starts Feb. 1.

Colfer’s voicing an energetic but naive robotic dog and Perlman is supplying the voice to a curmudgeonly real dog, set in his ways with little patience for anything new.

The project is Colfer’s first animated role. He also wrote and starred in “Struck By Lightning,” directed by Brian Dannelly.

Perlman’s voiceover work includes “Tangled,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” and the upcoming “The Book of Life.”


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"[…] The family adventure revolves around a bright, energetic but over-zealous robotic dog and his grumpy old “real” dog friend who is set in his ways and has little patience for anything new. […]"
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