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Mark Salling interview with Savvy Magazine - Guy Time.

As football player and school bully Puck on Fox’s new hit series Glee, Mark Salling is one jock that just might surprise you. Before hitting it big with Glee, Texas native Salling grew up writing music and playing guitar in local bands and recently released his debut solo album “Smoke Signals.” The former high school wrestler also paints, sketches and studies birds (yeah, we said birds). Here’s more from the multi-faceted Mark Salling.

With your role on glee, is your music taking a back seat or do you plan to record again?
I hope it doesn’t take too much of a back seat. I’m still writing and trying to stay creative and inspired.

We love “Pleasant theresa” on your album. Who is theresa?
Theresa is actually a girl I used to work with but her name wasn’t Theresa. I told her she looked like a Theresa. A girl I had a crush on for a while.

Are you dating anyone now?
I am technically single.

Describe your ideal girl.
My ideal girl should be sweet and considerate. Naturally beautiful. And anyone I’m going to commit to needs to have morals.

What songs are on your ipod?
Anything from Chopin to Elliott Smith, Pantera to Dave Matthews and Outkast.

Any special talents we don’t know about?
Ornithology—the study of birds. Crows, Ravens, Magpies, Blue Jays...I know a lot about North American birds.

Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
To be honest, I have ADD—so probably watch a movie.

Favorite movie?

What does your tattoo say?
That actually is a fake tattoo for the music video. No real tattoos.
(Is this the tattoo they're talking about? Or is it a new one?)

Go here to get the PDF version of this interview.

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