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Glee song sales for S4 (thus far)

From here:

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself): 48.401
The Scientist: 46.463 (plus 15.479 - 2nd week)
It's Time: 41.000
Give Your Heart a Break: 40.102 (plus 12.072 - 2nd week)

Mine: 31.248 (plus 9.578 - 2nd week)
A Thousand Years: 30.715

This is The New Year: 27.689

Love Song: 19.494

Don't Dream It’s Over: 18.985
Anything Could Happen: 18.192
Against All Odds: 18k

Come What May: 17.950
Homeward Bound/Home: 17.626
Torn: 17.168

Some Nights: 16.696 (plus 12.745 - 2nd week)

Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time: 14.665 (plus 9.807 - 2nd week)
Mamma Mia: 14K

No Scrubs: 13.396
Locked Out of Heaven: 13.180

Shout: 12.504
Next To Me: 12.423
We’ve Got Tonite: 12.215
My Dark Side: 12.131
Creep: 12K

Old Time Rock & Roll / Danger Zone: 11.501
Whistle: 11.376
Outcast: 11.347
Footloose: 11.167
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: 11K

Unchained Melody: 10.956
O Holy Night: 10.681 (110.048 in total since its release in 2010)
You Have More Friends Than You Know: 10.607

Being Good isn’t Good Enough: 9.891
In Your Eyes: 9.635

You're All I Need to Get By: Below 11K
(Not) Getting Married Today: Below 11K
Just Can’t Get Enough: Below 11K

Superman: Below 10K
Holding Out For a Hero: Below 10K
Heroes: Below 10K
Come See About Me: Below 10K
Live While We’re Young: Below 10K
Gangnam Style: Below 10K

You're All The World To Me: Below 9.423
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend / Material Girl: Below 9.423

Something Stupid: Below 9K (This could actually be below 6K)
All That Jazz: Below 9K
Being Alive: Below 9K
Wannabe: Below 9K
My Prerogative: Below 9K
Copacabana: Below 9K
Don't Stop Believin' (Rachel Solo): Below 9k
Fight for Your Right (To Party): Below 9k

No certain numbers for the rest of the songs because no sales charts leaked those weeks. The Break Up sales surpasses all other episodes by a landslide.
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