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Jessica Sanchez talks about "Glee."

Besides singing, Jessica also shared that she wants to try acting and confirmed that she would indeed be appearing in the hit TV show Glee.

“Yes, I met with Ryan Murphy and we’re talking about some episodes and that’s happening very, very soon. I’m very excited. I’ve never acted before but it seems like it’s so fun to do. So I’m like, ‘Let’s do this!’ You only live life once.”

Her character has yet to be finalized but according to previous reports, Jessica may end up as the new love interest for Finn (Cory Monteith), or one of the lead singers of a rival school.

“I haven’t read the script yet but anything would be fun to play. I always find a way to relate to high school kids and everything, so I’m very excited for that and I guess I’m just a regular teenage girl with my dreams and I just jump in,” she enthused.

Manila Times.
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