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Darren Criss Says Kurt and Blaine Are Glee's "Ross and Rachel"

Let the record show: We're still scraping our jaws off the floor after last night's Glee! Not only was there an unexpected same-sex hookup and a pregnancy, but Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) had a steamy makeout session in the back of a car—only to reaffirm their status as "friends." Gaaah!

The good news is we just talked to Darren himself and he firmly believes that Kurt and Blaine are a different kind of "friends," as the TV show Friends...as in the show's core coupling and soul-mate "lobsters," Ross and Rachel.

When we asked if a real reconciliation will happen for Kurt and Blaine, Criss didn't hesitate to answer: "Yeah, of course! That's like, ‘Duh!'…It's like Ross and Rachel. You set up your couple that needs to be together and it's about the journey. You gotta wait till the last sort of minutes to have the full-blown reunion."

Darren clearly believes Kurt and Blaine are meant to be together in the end, which should make you "Klaine" ("Blurt"?) fans tingle in all the right places. Especially since currently, the former lovebirds are living apart, and Kurt is still trying to fully forgive Blaine for his quasi-cheating way [what the fuck is "quasi"-cheating about sharing dicks with a random on facebook while in a committed monogamous relationship]. (They weren't even on a break! As Ross might point out.)

Darren tells us that as far as he knows, there are no plans for a new love interest for Blaine (now that the Tina dramz seems to be over, athankyouJesus). And shockingly, he's rooting for Kurt's new love interest Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones) to stick around.

"I hope that goes well! I love [Oliver]. I hope they get to continue. I just hope they have me on the show…That's what I'm interested in. I'm selfish."

Something tells us Darren Criss isn't getting written off Glee any time soon...aka this millennium. Especially since we now know Klaine is endgame!

video at the source
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