Kid A (maxadler) wrote in ontd_glee,
Kid A

New YM&C Photoshoot

I’m thrilled to finally share my maritime muses with you in A La Mode. These nautical up-dos illustrate the French phrase ‘a la mode’, which means to be in fashion and also with a scoop on top! The series was shot in my little Los Angeles apartment as well as a bed and breakfast in Pasadena where we shot Einstein’s old claw foot bathtub. The intricate coiffures were constructed by my brilliant hair team Suzii Andrews and Trevor Hite. They created everything I imagined and more! I’m so grateful for shoots like this where work and play are one in the same. I feel so lucky to create and collaborate with such warm and wonderful friends.

Featuring – Dianna Agron, Ashley Arabian, & Ashley Avignone
Photography & Art Direction – Claire Oring
Hair – Suzii Andrews & Trevor Hite
Production Assistant – Erin Webb

More Pictures @ the ♕ Source ♕
Tags: no thanks: dianna dmcagron, photos: photoshoot, video: misc
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