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Who’s Kitty’s New Crush? Becca Tobin Dishes on ‘Glee’s’ Return

Kitty Wilde might be one of the most hated new characters on TV, but FOX’s Glee star Becca Tobin says redemption is on the way for her on-screen persona – thanks to a new crush!

But it’s not just any high school crush: She has the hots for Puck (Mark Salling). “She has a run-in with Puck, and I’m hoping it brings out a softer side of her,” Tobin told Celebuzz. “Perhaps a little crush will soften her up a bit.”

After what she did to Marley (Melissa Benoist) – which resulted in New Directions’ Sectionals disaster — she’s going to need to do some serious damage control. But don’t worry, Kitty fans, there’s still hope for McKinley’s top glee-otch.

“I think there’s a part of Kitty that wants to be Marley’s friend,” said Tobin. “She struggles with her jealously toward Marley and all this attention she’s getting, but then at the same time, she finds Marley to be very sweet. I think she wants girlfriends. She doesn’t have many friends, so I’m hoping she and Marley come to a place where they can be friends.”

Continue reading for more scoop on McKinley’s upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance, the bumpy road ahead for the New Directions crew and what Tobin really thinks of her Cheerio uniform.

Celebuzz: What I love – and sometimes hate — about Kitty is how mean she is. It’s like Santana, Sue and psycho Quinn combined!
Becca Tobin: Oh yeah! She’s so mean, but I’ve fallen in love with Kitty too. When I found out I was playing the mean girl, I went through a variety of emotions, but when I received the first script, I was thrilled to able to say such amazing lines. I think we all have an inner mean girl – it just depends on what triggers it and if we ever let her out of her cage. It’s fun to go to work and just play the mean girl and not get in trouble for it.

CB: You’ve gotten some great one-liners so far.
BT: I’ve gotten very lucky! These writers are amazing, and even when they’ve written the most poisonous lines, they’re sprinkled with a lot of humor, so that makes it easier.

CB: And, of course, she gives everyone an awful nickname.
BT: Those are so challenging for me to learn! We had to shoot a scene where I had to call every single person by a nickname, and it was just rapid fire: Tarantula Head, Gimpy… just crazy names. That was hard for me to get through! Kitty is very clever.

CB: And you never want to insult someone with the wrong nickname.
BT: No, and I’ve done that a few times! I’m getting better at it. It’s becoming second-nature at this point.

CB: So where we last left off, Kitty was responsible for Marley’s accident at Sectionals. Are we going to see Kitty redeem herself after what happened?
BT: I’m hoping we’re going to be able to see why Kitty is the way that she is. I don’t think any mean girl in high school is being mean for no reason. I think there’s a lot of insecurity issues there, and after January, I hope we’ll get to see that. But I’m not really sure yet because as of right now, she’s still pretty mean. Coming up, she has a run-in with Puck, and I’m hoping it brings out a softer side of her. Perhaps a little crush will soften her up a bit.

CB: Well, her idol Quinn (Dianna Agron) also had a fling with Puck, but that resulted in a baby. We won’t be seeing Kitty make the same mistake, right?
BT: [Laughs] I don’t think that’s in Kitty’s future! But there could be something between her and Puck, at least that’s what I’m hoping… He’s a hottie!

CB: Is this going to cause drama with Jake (Jacob Artist)?
BT: I don’t know. I think it might. Maybe Jake will realize what he missed out on when he sees his brother and Kitty together, but he seems pretty in love with Marley at this point. We’re only halfway through the season, so who knows what can happen!

CB: Everyone is in love with Marley. She’s got Jake, and now she has Ryder (Blake Jenner), who, by the way, is so charming.
BT: He is, both as Ryder and as Blake, himself. He came into the show about five episodes in and he’s a total “yes” man. Anything they ask him to do, he does it, and he’s hilarious. He has such a great energy; I love doing scenes with him.

CB: What’s ahead for Marley and Kitty? Because for about five minutes, we saw what looked like a sincere friendship start to form between these two.
BT: I think there’s a part of Kitty that wants to be Marley’s friend. She struggles with her jealously toward Marley and all this attention she’s getting, but then at the same time, she finds Marley to be very sweet – because she is! I think she wants girlfriends. She doesn’t have many friends, so I’m hoping she and Marley come to a place where they can be friends. But that might be a little boring for the audience [laughs].

CB: However, you, Melissa and Alex Newell are such great friends off-set, so it must be fun to terrorize them a bit when the cameras are rolling.
BT: I get so jealous! Marley and Wade have formed such a strong friendship. They sing songs together, and they have such an amazing relationship play out on the show. So I get jealous because I have to pretend to hate both of them, and they have to pretend to hate me. I don’t get to play with my friends on-screen as much as they get to, but it’s alright [laughs]. No big deal.

CB: What can you tell us about McKinley High’s upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance?
BT: It was a really fun episode to shoot! It’s going to be fun. There’s a lot of great performances, and they picked some really awesome songs. They were some of my favorites to watch so far this season. All of the relationships – Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany (Heather Morris), Marley and Jake – progress quite a bit in the episode.

CB: I saw a photo you posted to Twitter of you and Kevin McHale. You called it “Freaky Friday” because you two had swapped outfits.
BT: Yes! It was late one night — we get very loopy when it gets to the 10th or 12th hours of shooting; we tend to lose our minds a little bit — and I looked over at Kevin and commented on his jeans. They put him in some of the nerdiest clothing. And I just thought, ‘I really want to try those jeans on.’ So he’s like, ‘You really want to try these jeans on? Why don’t you let me try that skirt on?’ We pretty much did a full costume change in the middle of a break from shooting. We then ran laps around the choir room as the crew was setting up for the next shot. We play around and joke like that all the time.

CB: He made a great Cheerio! Approximately how many hours a day do you think you spend in that Cheerios uniform?
BT: Oh, I would say 90 percent of the time I’m shooting, I’m in that uniform. Unless I get lucky and there’s a gown for the Sadies Hawkins dance or a Sectionals dress. But for the most part – about 10 hours a day — I’m a Cheerio with the uniform and ponytail. It’s Becca’s uniform at this point. Sometimes people don’t recognize me at work functions when I have my normal clothes on and my hair down.

CB: So at this point, the glee club seems pretty lost after losing Sectionals. Will the New Directions get their groove back?
BT: Like any new job, Finn (Cory Monteith) is going through the motions and getting stuck at little bumps in the road. I think the loss at Sectionals represented that. But Finn is going to have some really nice moments coming up where he gets to redeem himself. He gains a little bit of confidence, and when he does, the rest of the glee club follows suit. We’re going to get back on track! It’s going to happen, but first, they needed to get knocked down. They were champions who were getting too big for their britches earlier in the season.

CB: I feel like Finn finally has a purpose this season. I was skeptical at first, but now I think it was a great choice for the writers to give Finn this responsibility.
BT: I think it’s great! Every time Cory is in the choir room, there’s such a nice dynamic between him and the older cast members. They’ve worked together for years, just like their fictional characters. I think Finn has a special relationship with every one in the glee club, and it’s really going to benefit him as the teacher now.

CB: Speaking of the original cast members, are you bummed you have yet to film with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer?
BT: I think I had one day with Lea and one day with Chris – and with Chris, it was my very first day, so I think I blacked out from the entire first week of being on Glee, so I don’t remember anything. But it would be nice to get to work with them more. They’re the heart of Glee, and I’m used to seeing those key people in that choir room. It will be nice if we eventually get to shoot some scenes together.

CB: Musically, what songs would you like Kitty to perform?
BT: I really love country music, and I really like Miranda Lambert. I think she’s so sassy, and I think Kitty is so sassy, so I’d love to sing some Miranda Lambert. My new guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift’s new song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It’s addicting! I just really want something country. Maybe one day, we’ll play Dixie Chicks music on set and Ryan [Murphy] will be like, ‘Oh, this is a really great song.’

Glee returns Thursday at 9 PM ET on FOX.

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