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The Cheerio You Love to Hate, Glee's Becca Tobin, Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes With Her Co-Stars!

Becca Tobin broke onto the small screen in a very big way this year—joining the cast of Glee as mean girl Kitty Wilde, the Cheerio who replaced Quinn Fabray as Sue Sylvester's puppet with a ponytail. Thankfully for us, Becca couldn't be further from Kitty in real life. And to prove it, she's sharing her personal behind-the-scenes pictures from home and the set—no bullies allowed!

"5AM!!! Sophie and I aren't morning people..."

"Heading to Paramount with my very official pass!"

"Dance, sing, lipstick, dance, sing, lipstick..."

"Raiding craft services! It's peanut butter and jelly time!"

"Can you find Brit (Heather Morris) and Kitty?!"

"New kid love (with Jacob Artist and Melissa Benoist)!"

"Time for the second scene of the day. Did you really think you weren't gonna see the Cheerio pony-tail?!"

"It's Cheerio time in this trailer!"

"After a long day, it's bedtime in BullyVille!"

Tags: actor: jacob artist, ac✞ress: becca ✞obin, heterosexual actress: heather morris, melatonin marley, photos: set/location
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