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Glee recruits some Starkid nobodies

When Glee returns January 24th, just about EVERYONE will have something to fangirl about! While recently being interviewed on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premier of Struck By Lightning, Darren Criss gave everyone a rather cryptic clue about a certain someone making a notable appearance when the show returns. Darren stated, “There’s somebody who’s going to show up in an episode, that if people know where I come from […] Someone’s gonna show up. It’s really great.”

Well, fangirls and fanboys, “really great” is an understatement! Hot on the tails of the news that Glee is to be negotiated for a “fifth season and beyond,” PopWrapped can exclusively reveal that Joey Richter, will be the next Team Starkid member to make an appearance on the hit Television show.

As if that alone wasn’t reason to squeal with delight, we can also exclusively reveal that Fangirl Extrordinaire, Tessa Netting has also joined the show!

As if that isn’t enough to stop your pacemakers, we can also exclusively reveal that Richter and Netting will be joining the Adam’s Apples, a rival glee club that will do their best to convince Kurt to join them. How will the Adam’s Apples lure Kurt to their glee club, you ask? Well, their slower, epic version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 90’s rap classic, Baby Got Back, complete with PLENTY of rump shaking, just may do the trick.

Source: Popwrapped
Tags: episode 4x11, news: casting
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