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Lea Michele on Faberry's chances at romance

If you're among those who don't want Faberry to become canon, rest assured it won't happen. Glee star Lea Michele graciously answered the question about the possibility of Quinn and Rachel ever getting together while at the Fox TCA party this week.

"Yeah, that's so funny," Lea said, laughing. "People — I don't know. They think it's like a thing. Well, I mean — Rachel's in New York now with Kurt and stuff like that so...."

Considering Rachel Berry is very much involved in her own life outside of Lima and Dianna Agron hasn't appeared much on the show this season, it seems like Faberry will forever be a couple that will never come to fruition, no matter how many votes they get in shipping competitions. However, if you are among those that would like to keep the couple together in your dreams, check out Faberry Con in Atlanta next month.

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