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Free Association with the Cast of Struck by Lightning


‘Struck By Lightning’ Exclusive: Chris Colfer and Sarah Hyland on Rebel Wilson, Singing on Set and Boobies (What's Hot)

You probably already knew that Chris Colfer could sing and act. But did you know he could also write? Struck by Lightning not only stars Colfer, it was written by him as well. A coming of age comedy, Colfer stars as a high schooler who blackmails his classmates into contributing towards his literary magazine to help him get into the college of his dreams. We met up with Colfer and co-star Sarah Hyland to discuss the movie and play a game of free association (if you’re unfamiliar with how the game works, we give them a word and they say the first thing that pops into their head), and we ended up discussing being a cheerleader mean girl, the always hilarious Rebel Wilson, and singing on set. Oh, and Sarah Hyland also dispelled any marriage rumors while also showing us that she really likes to talk about boobs.

Original source  here.

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