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Spoiler Chat

Jennifer: Glee Christmas scoop?
The best character ever, Burt, will be back in the Christmas episode tonight and possibly playing a huge role in pushing Kurt and Blaine back together, even if just as friends. Oh, and Burt dies. At least, that's what Mike O'Malley told us. "Spoiler alert: I die! I die but I come back to life," he says. OK, he's kidding, but Glee did give him a heart attack so you never know. But even though we don't see Burt that often anymore, O'Malley is always willing to appear as Burt for as long as the show is on the air. "This season has been fantastic. I love the new cast members and the old cast members are still doing great," he gushes to us. "The show is alive and vibrant and awesome."


p.s. no golden globe nominations for glee for 2013
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