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"Swan Song" spoilers

Basically, Brittany pulls away from the first kiss Sam tries to initiate. She says she likes him too much to put him in danger. He asks if it's Santana and mentions Santana broke up with her. That's when we get the Brittany quote (it's not a VoiceOver). She goes on to say she's worried all the lesbians who found out about them online and who love her Santana together would hurt him. He says he isn't scared of them, goes to kiss her again, and she pulls away and leaves. This all happens after the duet.

Brittany goes back to Sam a while later and asks him out and says ever since Santana left, he's the only thing that makes her happy and she doesn't want to waste anymore time not being happy. He asks her about the lesbian blogging community, and she says they aren't going to like it, but they know they are her sisters and love is love. That's when they kiss.

Samcedes shippers got completely crapped on when Sam says Santana always made fun of him because she must have sensed be always had a thing for Brittany. So apparently, Samcedes never happened.

[Brittany really eats the cheerios] and Sam has a glass of milk waiting for her because he knew she'd eat them off the floor. Apparently it was his intention and a sweet thing to do.

One thing I want to elaborate. The Cheerios on the floor was Sam feeding Brittany breakfast because be knows she can forget to do that on Tuesdays. She told him and he remembered. She also calls him a genius. They spend at least a minute before the duet talking about how alike they are.

She starts off [eating the cheerios] on the fucking ground.

Also during DDIO there's no PDA between them at all. They just show up together.

Q: Basically what's happening here though is that she likes Sam so much she doesn't want him to be hurt by angry lesbians (including santana) but that since he's a genius and doesn't care and is the only thing that makes her happy (pavlovs dog at this point lbr) she asks him out?
Yes. To a VIP booth. At BreadStix.

The duet was to me one-sided. Britt tried to avoid eye contact for most of the time. But they waltz dance together and Britt dance as well bc she's trying to escape Sam who is during the whole song trying to get closer.

Darren confirming (and laughing about) the spoilers:

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