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I'mma ruin you, cunt

Unsubstantiated Thanksgiving spoilers

From Tumblr, grain of salt as always:

I got this from a trustworthy source, who wants to stay anonymous since Glee extras have gotten in trouble before for posting spoilers.

Ok, so Gleek Out! Brasil already told us that Gangnam Style will be the only song ND will sing at Sectionals because “something” happens at the end.

Well, that “something” is Marley, who collapses on stage. Jake and Ryder rush over to make sure she’s okay, but of course that is the end of their performance.

This can of course be connected to Marley’s eating disorder storyline.


so do they lose?

the source didn’t know, unfortunately

the other things that were mentioned, were that the new head warbler, Hunter Clarington, is a huge, cocky bastard, that Kitty joins New Directions (but we already knew that) and that the third choir to compete is really good, in a funny way

Source: Tumblr
Tags: episode 4x08, media: tumblr, speculation
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