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Glease spoilers from Gleek Out Brasil

do sam and ryder become friends this episode?
i dont think they will even speak in this episode

Are Finchel unhappy with each other after their conversation?

is the klaine scene before or after the play? thanks
the KLAINE scene is after the play.

Can you give any hints about the Kurt/Cassandra scene we've seen in the Promo?
cassandra will play cool

does grease go well or does something bad happen during a performance?
go well

it's going to have "jarley" scenes?

Is it explained why Wade's parents are against him performing as Rizzo when he already regularly performs in drag?

who is it fantasizing about you're the one that i want, rachel or finn??

Is there a goodbye Wemma scene?
Emma is not even on the episode

can you tell us if blaine actually sees kurt in the audience while he's singing beauty school drop out? 'cause in the promo it looked like he noticed something
he will see!

Do Sam and Mercedes interact at all?

Does blaine know kurt's coming to see the play or is it a surprise?

Cassandra's part in There Are Worse Things I Could Do have anything to do with Brody?

Which songs are actually performed as part of the staged performance of Grease?
beauty school drop out & you’re the one that i want

Can you tell us more about the Brittana in There are worse things I can do? Why does Santana think about Brittany there?
Yes, Santana will be thinking on Brittany.

Is Tina ever considered for the role of Rizzo?
Yes, well at least she think she is…

Does Finn do a good job on the musical?

When Santana return,how's Brittany's reaction?Happy?awkward?confused?

Do Rachel and Finn have more than one scene?
Yes, Finchel has more than one scene. One of them is with Klaine before the musical. And they have another one, alone, after the musical.

Just to be clear.. Klaine has a scene with Finchel before the musical, that’s when Blaine is surprised, because Kurt is there.

And when you asked about the Klaine scene, we said that because it’s the scene where there’s only the two of them.

Tags: episode 4x06, spoilers
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