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'American Idol' Alum Jessica Sanchez Talks 'Glee'

Exactly one year ago, Jessica Sanchez was living the life of any other ordinary American teenager, hanging out with her younger brothers playing video games.

That was before America got a good look at the now 17-year-old Chula Vista, Calif., native on American Idol. Since coming in second on the 11th season of the competitive singing show, Sanchez no longer has time for Wii. She’s too busy mixing it up with the likes of George Clooney, who shocked the demure singer at the 26th annual Carousel of Hope Ball.

“That was crazy,” shares Sanchez in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I got really star struck. He is one of the biggest names, and when I walked up to him, he knew who I was already. I was freaking out. It was pretty amazing.”

Sanchez is drawing a ton of attention these days. She was a featured performer at this summer’s Democratic National Convention, and come January, is poised to gain a slew of new fans thanks to her recurring role on the Fox musical Glee.

“Everything is moving so fast, even after the show everything is like a big whirlwind,” said an enthusiastic Sanchez. “I’m very blessed and appreciative of everything that’s happened and I’m just working hard for more opportunities to come.”

So what do Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have up their collective sleeves for Sanchez? We talked to the petite powerhouse about her future role, and asked her what she sees in the future for her still unnamed character. Plus, we got some new details about her debut CD, what it was like singing for the president of the United States, and a certain Season 11 singer that she says she misses the most.

The Hollywood Reporter: What can you tell us about Glee? Do you know anything about your role yet?
Jessica Sanchez: I guess Ryan Murphy talked about it a little bit more about the role I might be playing, but I really have nothing straightforward from him. I really have no idea.

THR: I think he spilled some details about you performing in a choir?
Sanchez: In a choir? I have no idea!

THR: Have you done any acting before?
Sanchez: No, I haven’t. This will be my first time! I can’t wait!

THR: How are you preparing?
Sanchez: I haven’t had a lot of time to watch Glee recently, but I’ve been studying up, and I am taking acting lessons. I’ve watched the show before in the past. I love the show. It’s an amazing production.

THR: Who are you most excited to work with? Do you know when you start filming?
Sanchez: January, I think! I am so excited to do scenes with everybody. I love Santana (Naya Rivera), though! That’s the girl I really want to meet and give a hug!

THR: You already took the stage with a Glee icon on Idol. We were there when you taped the song, “Enough is Enough” with Kristin Chenoweth for the Donna Summer tribute that never aired.
Sanchez: You saw that? I’m so glad, because they didn’t show it! I don’t know what happened, but that is what happens on a live TV show. That was so much fun, and the outfit I was wearing I was so excited about that because it was so cute. It was so much fun and she was so amazing to work with!

THR: Maybe Glee could lure Chenoweth back for a do-over!
Sanchez: That would be cool. She’s so spunky! I love it!

rest of the interview at the source
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