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Spoiler Chat

Can you give me Glee scoop that doesn't involve heartbreak?
That is a tall order, given that the first part of Glee's fourth season is all about heartbreak. And no one can escape the tidal wave o' angst, as we are calling it from this moment on. Couples will be crying, friends will be fighting, and dreams will be dashed. On the plus side, we think we have someone's role on Glee figured out. Harry Shum Jr. told us recently that he'll be stepping into a mentor-ish role come season four. "I'll be popping in and seeing how the new McKinley High kids are doing," he says. Perhaps he'll stick around long enough to show the new New Direction-ers how to bust a move?

kristin ofc
Tags: and nothing of value is gained, season 4, spoilers
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