mini_shrink (mini_shrink) wrote in ontd_glee,

Portrait Magazine poll: Top 20 Most Beautiful Inside and Out

Portrait Magazine, an online publication, is currently hosting a poll on the top 20 celebrities with the most inner (and outer) beauty. You can vote as many times as you like. Poll closes August 20th.

Vote here.

The Glee actors involved are:
Amber Riley (currently in the lead! no article yet though)
Darren Criss plus article
Dianna Agron plus article
Cory Monteith plus article

Er, I've never made a post before so feel free to scream at me/delete this post if it's shit.
Tags: "actor": darrin criss, actor: cory monteith, goddess: amber riley, misc: poll, no thanks: dianna dmcagron, you sound like a blarren stan
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