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Lea Michele On 'Glee' Season 4, 'Game Of Thrones' And 'The Newsroom'

Source: Huffington Post

Includes Season 4 spoilers regarding Rachel. Lea talks about GOT, The Newsroom, J. Groff, and her recent charity campaign.

"Glee's" Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) has officially graduated from McKinley High, and she's headed to New York City to make something of herself.

Rachel's absence from the glee club she's graced for three seasons -- not to mention her split from Finn (Cory Monteith) -- has fans wondering what's in store for the ultra-talented Rachel.

Michele sat down with HuffPost to discuss the "Valspar Hands for Habitat" Celebrity Auction she's participating in, Season 4 of "Glee," and her "Game Of Thrones" obsession.

So let's talk about Season 4 of "Glee." Kate Hudson's the anti-Mr. Shue. How do you think Rachel's going to react to that? She won't be the favorite anymore!
It's going to be a challenge for her, but I think that Rachel definitely works at her best when she has to fight against something, or when she sort of has the odds stacked against her.

So now Rachel's going to be a little fish in a big pond. What do you think that's going to be like for her?
I don't think she's prepared to be in a school full of 1400 other Rachel Berrys, so that will be a challenge. But again, I think it will help her rise to the top.

What about Kurt [Chris Colfer]? How are they going to keep in touch?
I already have like 20 scenes on the phone with Chris Colfer in the first script. I love working with Chris. He's the best.

Will Rachel still be hung up on Finn, or will she be dating around a little bit?
When the season starts, she's definitely very confused as to where they stand. She hasn't heard from him, he's in the army, and she's trying to figure out what it all means.

What about "Girls?" Do you watch?
Alll the time. I'm obsessed.

What do you think it would be like if Hannah ran into Rachel on the street?
I feel like Zosia [Mamet]'s character Shoshannah is very much like Rachel Berry, so i feel like she would just think it was Shoshannah.

I know you have a bit of a "Game Of Thrones" obsession. Do you think Ryan Murphy's going to write that into the script at all?
It's already in the script. We already have a "Game Of Thrones" reference, "winter is coming." I think Kevin [McHale] has that line.

What about Jesse St. James? Is Jonathan Groff going to show up in New York?
If he stops getting so many jobs! He just finished working on a showed called "Boss," and working on a play with Alfred Molina called "Red" in Los Angeles. He also has a very big movie project that I don't think I can announce, but it's very exciting. That's going to keep him busy for a long time. I think he's booked! But we obviously love working with each other.

Have you watched "The Newsroom"? John Gallagher Jr.'s on it, and you guys worked together in "Spring Awakening."
Yeah, Johnny's on it! I've known Johnny since I was 16 or 17 years old. We did all the "Spring Awakening" workshops together. We grew up together. I think he's one of the greatest actors out there, and I was so thrilled when I heard "The Newsroom" was getting picked up. I watch it all the time. I think he's incredible in everything he does.

What was your favorite on-screen or off-screen moment with the original "Glee" cast?
That's like "Sophie's Choice!" Outside of filming, we've had so many amazing experiences with the tour, and we've had so much fun filming. I can't think of one thing -- except for the food fight scenes, which I definitely didn't like -- but everything has been so amazing.

Will you miss filming with the whole cast?
As of now I'm in New York, and [Rachel] hasn't gotten to go back to Ohio yet, but I'm sure she will for a holiday or an occasion or something. But I'm shooting a scene and then [the cast] is shooting a scene after me, so we're still around each other all the time. We're still hanging out with each other off-set. So even if we're not filming scenes with each other, it actually makes us want to hang out with each other even more.

Can you tell me a little bit about your charity campaign with Habitat for Humanity.
We're promoting "Valspar Hands For Habitat." All these celebrities have made these amazing handprints, which people are now able to bid on on Valspar's Facebook. All the proceeds go toward "Valspar Hands For Habitat" and the Habitat For Humanity disaster response program.

"Glee" returns to Fox this fall on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET, beginning September 13.
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