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Vote for Glee at the Tubey Awards

You can vote for Glee on the 2012 Tubey Awards Polls in the following categories.

  • Best Cast (Glee)
  • Guiltiest TV Pleasure (both Glee and The Glee Project are in it)
  • Most Redemptive Character in a Sucky Show (Beiste, Karofsky, Mercedes, Santana)
  • Best Single Episode - Comedy (On My Way)
  • Best Romantic Relationship (Kurt and Blaine)
  • Worst Romantic Relationship (Finn and Rachel; Kurt and Blaine)
  • Best HoYay! Couple (Will and Finn; Rachel and Quinn)
  • Best Single Line of Dialogue (Santana: "If Kurt would have taped this to his junk, I would have never heard the end of it — we would have had a whole week of songs about it" -- Cooper Anderson: "Things are serious, a man in a dress is dead.")
  • Worst "WTF" Moment (Cooter, previously presented as a sympathetic character, has been physically abusing Coach Bieste off camera. ; Santana comes out to her parents offscreen and in a single throwaway line: "Update, y'all! I told my parents last night and they were actually okay with it." ; Will Schuester suddenly doesn't know Spanish despite teaching it for years)
  • Least Favorite Actor (Cory Monteith; Damian McGinty; Darren Criss; Kevin McHale; Matthew Morrison; Samuel Larsen)
  • Least Favorite Actress (Lea Michele)
  • Favorite Show to Hate Watch (Glee)
  • Reality TV Star Most Deserving of a Spin-off (Mateus and Zach Woodlee from The Glee Project)
  • Least Villainious Villain (Sue Sylvester)
  • Most Egregiously Offensive Reality TV Show (The Glee Project)

Vote here!

If this topic was done before, I apologize and the mods can feel free to delete it.
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