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betty when you call me you can call me val

Ask Ausiello

Question: Got any Glee scoop that didn’t come out of the show’s Comic-Con panel (awesome job moderating, BTW)? —Steven
Ausiello: I overheard a little pre-panel buzz concerning Rachel’s transition from McKinley to NYADA — namely that it will be rough. And I’m not just referring to the challenges she’s going to face with her dancing. Speaking of Comic-Con, look at all the huge Ausholes we ran into while in San Diego!

Question: I can’t believe Damian McGinty isn’t returning to Glee. Should I even bother signing the petitions that are out there? —Chrissy
Ausiello: Nah. Probably a waste of time. Sounds to me like the decision is pretty final.

Question: Any news on whether Grant Gustin will return to Glee? —Ally
Ausiello: Discussions are happening. I hear the show would very much like him back in some capacity.

Question: What’s the real scoop on my favorite Glee couple, Kurt and Blaine? —Rob
Ausiello: I think you’ll have a pretty good idea where things stand with them by the end of the Sept. 13 season premiere.

Tags: episode 4x01, season 4, you kill our donor dad?
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