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31 January 2013 @ 12:00 pm
Nothing charted.
betty when you call me you can call me val
"I'm flattered they chose to cover my song." Natalie told toofab in an exclusive comment.

Lea -- who's currently working on a solo album -- may be following in Natalie's footsteps: going from TV to music. Natalie was the star of "Neighbours," an Australian soap, before become a huge pop star. Will Lea find the same success?

"Lea has an incredible voice. And is a very versatile performer," Natalie said. "Being a triple threat...I think she could be successful in which ever career she chooses."

baby, play me something like 'here comes the sun'
As many of you have already heard, drama club's wet dream, Glee, recently stole the arrangement of Jonathan Coulton's cover of "Baby Got Back" note for note, claimed it was their own, put it on iTunes, and then told him that he should be thankful for the free exposure they were giving him. Except they didn't actually credit him in even the most microscopic manner. So far, they have refused to comment on the ensuing Internet shitstorm that followed.

Now, I do not represent Fox or Glee in any fashion, but after evaluating the situation for several days, I'm pretty sure I finally understand where they're coming from. So to help ease the minds of those who are wondering what Fox and Glee think of all this, I'm going to pretend that I work for them and speak on their behalf. Jonathan Coulton, you owe us an apology, because ...

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betty when you call me you can call me val
31 January 2013 @ 10:04 pm