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betty when you call me you can call me val
The former "Two and a Half Men" actress will guest star on Sheen's new FX comedy.

Charlie Sheen is reuniting with his (Two and a Half Men) therapist.

The Anger Management star told reporters Tuesday at a Fox party at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour that Jane Lynch will be among the guest stars checking in for season two of his FX comedy Anger Management.

While details are mum on just who the Glee actress will play on the comedy, the casting reunites Sheen and Lynch, who played the therapist to Sheen's Charlie Harper on CBS' Two and a Half Men.

"We've got a lot of good people coming up, but we love her very much," showrunner Bruce Helford added of Lynch's casting.

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betty when you call me you can call me val
Glee fans have been sorely missing Santana Lopez this season, but Naya Rivera said you’ll be satiated soon.

“I’ll definitely making up for lost time in the episode we’re currently shooting, and then I’ll be around for the rest of the season,” Naya said during the Fox TCA Party last night. And despite the fact she’s been absent for much of the season so far, she has appreciated the way the show has changed.

“I was excited,” Naya said of receiving this season’s scripts. “I love the new format, I love all of the new kids they’ve brought on to McKinley. It allows the character [Santana] to grow and that’s important.”

Sadly it seems part of Santana’s growth has taken her away from Brittany (Heather Morris) who is now dating Sam (Chord Overstreet). Naya said she’s sure Santana hates that Brittany has moved on, but she’s glad the exes are able to still be friends.

“Obviously Santana doesn’t like when things don’t go her way. Even though she was the one that sort of called it off, I guess, she’s still not happy about that,” Naya said. “You’ll get to see how that plays out.”

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betty when you call me you can call me val
09 January 2013 @ 02:51 pm
If you're among those who don't want Faberry to become canon, rest assured it won't happen. Glee star Lea Michele graciously answered the question about the possibility of Quinn and Rachel ever getting together while at the Fox TCA party this week.

"Yeah, that's so funny," Lea said, laughing. "People — I don't know. They think it's like a thing. Well, I mean — Rachel's in New York now with Kurt and stuff like that so...."

Considering Rachel Berry is very much involved in her own life outside of Lima and Dianna Agron hasn't appeared much on the show this season, it seems like Faberry will forever be a couple that will never come to fruition, no matter how many votes they get in shipping competitions. However, if you are among those that would like to keep the couple together in your dreams, check out Faberry Con in Atlanta next month.

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betty when you call me you can call me val

Chris Colfer's New Asylum Movie "Completely Different" From Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story

Just because Chris Colfer's next movie script takes place in an asylum, that doesn't mean he's trying to rip off his Glee boss Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story.

"It takes place in an asylum in the 1930s," Colfer told me yesterday while promoting Struck by Lightning, the high school drama that he wrote and stars in with Rebel Wilson and Sarah Hyland. "We started putting it together long before American Horror Story [season two] ever happened.

"When I found out they were doing Asylum, I was like, ‘Oh, crap! People are going to think I stole it from them,'" he continued. "But it really wasn't at all. Thankfully, it's completely different."

Unlike Lightning, Colfer says he'll only have a supporting role in the asylum flick, but it's a "very, very important supporting character."

He also said they have a director signed up and offers out to actors. "I just got a phone call about a meeting about it, and things are moving along," Colfer said. "It might be actually happening much sooner than I thought."

In Struck by Lightning, Colfer stars as an angst-ridden high schooler who blackmails classmates to contribute to his literary magazine before he dies in a freakish accident. Pitch Perfect funnylady Rebel Wilson plays his best friend.
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"I'm looking forward to the DVD to come out because there's going to be so many bloopers," Colfer said of working with Wilson. "[Rebel] is so funny. She ad-libs up a story and you never know what's coming out of her mouth. She's a dream to work with."

We can't wait for it either.

betty when you call me you can call me val

Glee returns Thursday, Jan. 24, and rumor has it the second half of Season 4 is going to be exciting. And amazing. And surprising.

OK, it’s not so much a rumor as it is the centerpiece of Fox’s new marketing campaign for the series, featuring Chris Colfer (Kurt), Heather Morris (Brittany) and Matthew Morrison (Will).

betty when you call me you can call me val
You asked, the Glee stars answered.

Prior to swinging by Fox’s party at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, TVLine invited you to tweet us your questions for the cast. Without the slighest bit of further ado, here is what Lea Michele, Naya Rivera and others shared about what’s still ahead in Season 4, resuming Jan. 24.

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I'mma ruin you, cunt
09 January 2013 @ 10:14 pm
When Glee returns January 24th, just about EVERYONE will have something to fangirl about! While recently being interviewed on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premier of Struck By Lightning, Darren Criss gave everyone a rather cryptic clue about a certain someone making a notable appearance when the show returns. Darren stated, “There’s somebody who’s going to show up in an episode, that if people know where I come from […] Someone’s gonna show up. It’s really great.”

Well, fangirls and fanboys, “really great” is an understatement! Hot on the tails of the news that Glee is to be negotiated for a “fifth season and beyond,” PopWrapped can exclusively reveal that Joey Richter, will be the next Team Starkid member to make an appearance on the hit Television show.

As if that alone wasn’t reason to squeal with delight, we can also exclusively reveal that Fangirl Extrordinaire, Tessa Netting has also joined the show!

As if that isn’t enough to stop your pacemakers, we can also exclusively reveal that Richter and Netting will be joining the Adam’s Apples, a rival glee club that will do their best to convince Kurt to join them. How will the Adam’s Apples lure Kurt to their glee club, you ask? Well, their slower, epic version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 90’s rap classic, Baby Got Back, complete with PLENTY of rump shaking, just may do the trick.

Source: Popwrapped