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betty when you call me you can call me val
Life isn't easier for the cast of "Glee," even though the show has become bi-castal.

According to Lea Michele -- who's in the New York faction of the TV musical -- "we're always busy. When they're doing their scenes (in the high school segment), I'm in the recording studio or the dance studio learning my routines."

When the two come together -- for holiday visits -- it's like old-home week, she says.Collapse )

sioux city journal
16 December 2012 @ 05:15 pm
Attention, Ryan Murphy – please call Bette Midler… she’s ready for her “Glee” close-up!

Access Hollywood sat down with the legendary singer/actress on Friday, where she addressed the rumors about joining the lengthy list of guest superstars on the FOX comedy.

“I don’t know. [Ryan Murphy] never called me,” she told Access’ Shaun Robinson at the junket for her new movie with Billy Crystal, “Parental Guidance,” when asked when fans will see her on “Glee.” “He mentioned it, but… I’m still waiting for the call. But, it’s fine!”

Bette explained how it all came about — both she and Ryan were at an event to honor Michael Kors when the “Glee” co-creator/showrunner made the offer.

“Ryan was also honored that night and he said [in his speech], ‘If Bette Midler’s in the house I want to invite her onto ‘Glee,’” she recounted. “And I went, ‘OK!’”

If Bette does venture to McKinley High (or NYADA), she has an idea of who she’d like to play on the show – a character similar to Jane Lynch’s scheming Sue Sylvester.

“I love her. She’s hilarious,” Bette said of Jane. “Maybe I could play [Sue’s] evil sister!”

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