Valerie (valeriemedia) wrote in ontd_glee,

Concerns Post.

Have a question for a mod? Have something you want to get off your chest? Want to suggest something new and exciting for the community? Is someone being extra mean to you? Well, post here and we'll see what we can do about it.

* I'm sorry but we are no longer affiliating.
* Please comment and wait to be approved by a mod before posting any kind of promotion in the community.

NOTE: Please only post legitimate concerns in this post. It is not a place to whine and bitch because someone disagreed with you about something. Deal with it. We won't do anything about it. The only way we're going to get involved in your fan-war against other members is if someone was personally threatened on a level that violated our rules. I'm sorry if you're sensitive and this community is unfair/doesn't like your fav/makes you glee-cry. Try and be a man about it.

Comments are screened, no need to post twice.
Tags: !concerns, no one mod should have all that power
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