not your average tubgirl (thecanuckian) wrote in ontd_glee,
not your average tubgirl

Seeing Darren Criss's Dick Makes Us Sing With Glee

Uhm... wot.

"As we go humming along through our day, flipping through photos of celebrities, the jackpot is getting any view of a famous male and his dick. We hit the high note today with this mah-velous shot of "Glee" cutie Darren Criss, giving us a glimpse that made us hit a high C!

Hollywood folk wander about town doing the strangest things. We'd say Darren is coming from a workout, because he's wearing sweats that are hugging his dick as tightly as we'd like to have it inside us. But he's carrying a tote bag, not a gym bag. And what's with the artsy pink chair behind him? We'd love to sit him down right on it and more closely inspect the goods. Then there's the shirt, "I do my own stunts." Can he do a backflip landing with that cock right into our mouth?"


I'm not gonna post the picture here, but follow the link if you wanna see. The website should be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and the picture should be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Wank).

In the meantime...

ETA: Website is dirtier than the actual picture, so you get to see it here and now! Yay!

Via Fleshbot (NSFW! Very NSFW!)
Tags: "actor": darrin criss, and nothing of value is gained, article: random, media: website, news: article, nsfw, ontd_glee after dark, what is this i don't even
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