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You are literally not going to be surprised by any of this (mods, there are no tags for the S6 eps yet).

[Spoiler (click to open)]The title of the Glee Season 6 premiere is “Loser Like Me”, written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. Brad Buecker directs.

Song Spoilers including performers:

“Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette – sung by Rachel
“Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors – sung by Rachel & Blaine
“Sing” by Ed Sheeran – sung by Blaine & the Warblers
“Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen – sung by Vocal Adrenaline
“Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club – sung by Rachel
“Let it Go” from Frozen – sung by Rachel

Entering its sixth and final 13-episode season, GLEE is a musical comedy about a group of ambitious and talented young adults in search of strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice.

Over the last five years, the series has followed a dynamic group of high school students from the halls of McKinley to the mean streets of New York City, as they embarked on life after high school. This season, after her humiliating failure as a TV actress, New Directions’ original star, RACHEL BERRY (Golden Globe Award nominee Lea Michele), comes home to Lima to figure out what she wants to do next. Upon discovering that SUE SYLVESTER (Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch) has banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel takes it upon herself to reinstate and lead the glee club. Meanwhile, BLAINE ANDERSON (Darren Criss), SAM EVANS (Chord Overstreet) and WILL SCHUESTER (Matthew Morrison) have all found surprising new gigs in Ohio. Throughout the season, other alumnae also will return to McKinley.

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Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel)
Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)
Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Beiste)
Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester)
Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)
Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)
Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester)
Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans)
Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)

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27 August 2014 @ 01:38 am
From mjsbigblog:

  • The time jump between the Season 5 finale and the Season 6 premiere is only 6 months.
  • Rachel (Lea Michele) AND Kurt (Chris Colfer) are leading New Directions. Kurt is earning NYADA credit for his efforts. So, yes, he’s still a student.
  • Blaine (Darren Criss) is leading The Warblers at Dalton. I don’t know the circumstances that bring him to Dalton, or whether he is still a NYADA student or not.
  • I’m not sure why Rachel is in Ohio either, but we can probably assume she returned home from Los Angeles after her pilot failed.
  • Will Schuester (Matt Morrison) is heading up Vocal Adrenaline
  • Karofsky (Max Adler) will be Blaine’s new love interest. Max is locked in for at least half a season’s worth of episodes. I am not clear on whether Blaine and Kurt are together or apart when season 6 begins, or whether they break up later. I also don’t know whether
  • Blaine/Karofsky are together in the first episode, or something develops later. I am working to find out answers to these questions.
  • There are no definite plans to use the Season 4/5 newbies. HOWEVER they will most likely come back near the end of the season for one or two episodes. I am guessing there will be a big reunion of Glee alumni at series finale time.
  • The five new McKinley High kids will be incorporated into the first two episodes to some degree, but their story lines are still being developed.
  • I don’t have plot specifics at this time on other characters–Santana (Naya Rivera), Artie (Kevin McHale), Sam (Chord Overstreet) etc. The minute I know something, I’ll post it here.
    Glee’s sixth and final season is starting to take shape and one of the show’s most beloved characters might be in for a rude awakening.

    Max Adler has booked a return visit to the Fox musical and will reprise his role as former bully-turned-openly gay good guy Dave Karofsky, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    Adler’s arc is said to be major and he’ll appear in at least four of the final 13 episodes of the series. Sources tell THR that Dave may now be romantically tangled with Blaine (Darren Criss), which is surprising news since season five ended with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine seemingly better than ever as a couple after performing at a glitzy showcase for the all-powerful social mover June (Shirley MacLaine). However, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told reporters in April that the final season would feature a time jump — and focus more on the core original cast members — which could mean Kurt and Blaine have split after that. Or, knowing Glee, it could all be part of an elaborate dream sequence.

    "The final season is really its own story and its own location and while the New York stuff will be alive, the final season is not New York-centric at all," Murphy said. "It really [will be] a lovely, fitting season that … dwells on the original people that were on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. That really is the last season .… We’ll revisit some of the new kids that came and went. There’s a return of the Jane-Matt characters in a big way. It’s really interesting, very sweet, satisfying ending to the story."

    Adler was last seen in the 17th episode of Glee’s fifth season when Karofsky appeared in Rachel’s pre-Opening Night dream sequence. The plot twist would come after Blaine helped Kurt get through Karofsky’s bullying. The closeted jock routinely tormented the openly gay Kurt and, after Dave forced a kiss on him in season two, was outed in a landmark season three episode in which he attempted suicide.

    For the actor, the Glee return comes as he’s been recurring on ABC Family’s recently renewed Switched at Birth. His credits include the upcoming features Saugatuck Cures, The Midnight Man and episodes of Last Resort and CSI. He’s repped by CESD and Justice & Ponder.

    Glee returns midseason on Fox. A premiere date has not yet been announced.


    A24 and DirecTV have today released a trailer and poster for the upcoming actioner Revenge of the Green Dragons. Check out the video in the player below and the poster in the gallery viewer at the bottom of this page.

    Directed by Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo, Revenge of the Green Dragons is executive produced by Martin Scorsese and is based on Frederick Dannen's New Yorker article that chronicled the underworld of Asian-American gang life in 80's and 90's New York City. The story follows two immigrant brothers Sonny (Justin Chon) and Steven (Kevin Wu) who survive the impoverished despair of New York in the 1980s by joining Chinatown gang "The Green Dragons." The brothers quickly rise up the ranks, drawing the unwanted attention of hard-boiled city cops. After an ill- fated love affair pits Sonny against his own brother, he sets out for revenge on the very gang who made him who he is.

    Also starring Harry Shum, Jr., Shuya Chang, Geoff Pierson, Billy Magnussen and Ray Liotta, Revenge of the Green Dragons will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. DirecTV will immediately follow with an exclusive 30-day window beginning September 11, followed by an A24 theatrical release in October.

    [Kevin, Dianna and Jenna tweet their support for Harry :')]

    The repopulation of McKinley High has begun!

    Glee is set to introduce at least five new characters — all of them McKinley sophomores — in its sixth and final season, TVLine has learned exclusively. The recurring newbies include:s

    RODERICK | Chubby and shy with a voice like Otis Redding, his looks don’t match with his talent. Described as, “a true goober.” He’s the show’s new underdog.

    SPENCER | He’s the new resident “football stud” who just so happens to possess an incredible voice. He’s also gay. But, per the casting notice, “he’s post-Glee gay — no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their asses if they do.”

    JANE | Righteous, ambitious and unconventionally pretty, she’s funny because she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. She wanted to be a Warbler but tradition kept her from joining so she jumps ship to the New Directions.

    MASON AND MADISON | Male and female twin Cheerios. They’re super-positive and extremely weird. Mason gives off a gay vibe (spoiler alert: he’s not).

    04 August 2014 @ 12:56 pm

    (click photo for a link to a gallery of more official photos of the production)

    This past weekend, Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley performed in Hair with a star-studded cast including Kristen Bell (Frozen), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Hunter Parrish (Weeds) and Mario (the original singer of that song with which Artie tried to seduce Sugar). Although rain and a very short rehearsal period challenged the actors, Jenna and Amber managed to get some of the best reviews in the show (although I am not entirely sure what a "pepper pot" is). Other Glee folk involved in the performance were Zach Woodlee and Adam Shankman (co-directors/choreographers) and Matthew Peacock (ensemble cast in Hair, assistant choreographer on Glee).

    In attendance from the cast and crew were Kevin McHale (who dragged Variety for leaving Jenna out of the review), Jacob Artist, Becca Tobin, Heather Morris, Telly and someone who, in the spirit of letting one's hair grow, did not shave that day, delighting tinhatters everywhere when people not up on "CC Lingo" tweeted photos of him with his girlfriend and mentioned a "beard."

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    Catch a glimpse of the performance here:

    More video/full audio can be found at UshJenna and Amber Riley News!
    "[Lea Michele] will guest star in the sixth episode of the Kurt Sutter drama’s final season, playing Gertie, an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother who connects with Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a difficult time. Her episode is slated to air Oct. 14 on FX." (via THR)
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    30 July 2014 @ 10:23 pm
    'Glee's' Harry Shum Jr. Joins 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' Sequel

    Glee star Harry Shum Jr. has been cast as one of the leads in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel being directed by Woo-ping Yuen.

    The Weinstein Co. is backing the martial arts drama, which began production this week and will shoot in New Zealand and China.

    Written by John Fusco (The Forbidden Kingdom) (Ew), the movie is set 20 years after the events of Crouching Tiger and revolves around four heroes of the martial arts world — Silent Wolf, Yu Shu-lien, Tie-Fang and Snow Vase — who must use their courage and skills to keep the legendary sword Green Destiny from the hands of the villainous Hades Dai.
    Donnie Yen already is cast as Silent Wolf, and Michelle Yeoh is on board as Yu Shu-lien. Shum will play Tie-Fang.Collapse )

    23 July 2014 @ 08:20 am

    Glee star Naya Rivera has found her happily ever after.

    The actress married actor Ryan Dorsey on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in front of a small group of close family.

    "We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife," the couple told PEOPLE exclusively. "Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for."

    Dorsey, who is originally from Charleston, West Virginia, attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts before moving to Los Angeles, where he met Rivera four years ago. Longtime friends, they saw their relationship blossom into a romance shortly after her engagement to rapper Big Sean ended in April.

    For their nuptials, Rivera, 27, wore a Monique Lhuillier gown while Dorsey wore a Dolce & Gabbana suit. She carried a bouquet of daisies and baby's breath and the couple exchanged Neil Lane rings.

    Now back home in L.A., the couple are excited to start their new lives as newlyweds.

    As they told PEOPLE: "True love always prevails."

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