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Big Prom Spoiler from Nicole Crowther (Confirmed)

Kurt is prom queen and Karofsky is king.

She also tweeted:
#finchelfans finn tells Jesse to back off Rachel. No fight though :)
Kurt an Blaine dance
Will and Emma danxe
Sadly no end of bartie yet

@NicoleCrowther Do #Finchel get back together during prom?
@MerDerlvr4ever no

@NicoleCrowther Anything Brittana? Just anything?
@_chainfrost si

@nicolecrowther Will there be a Klaine kiss at Prom?
@jaimeedeak1220 no slow dance

wishyouwould, who was giving spoilers earlier on tumblr just posted this confirmation.

WARNING: The spoiler for prom king & queen is under the cut. Only read it if you seriously don’t mind being spoiled.

I saw Nicole spoiled this last last night, and I can confirm: It’s true. Karofsky wins Prom King and Kurt wins Prom Queen.

And it is meant to be mean. But Kurt takes the moment and kicks its ass. It is a much better moment for Kurt than Karofsky.

The end.

I am not going to elaborate on this any more than that, so please do not bother to flood my ask box with questions about it. Hopefully that is enough context to calm people down a little (for those who were concerned).

source and source 2
Tags: episode 2x20, media: twitter, season 2, spoilers
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