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"Feud" spoilers.

Rachel has about three scenes. Not much overall, even less than the last episode.

Rachel and Santana go to the doctor, then she has another scene with Santana. Rachel barely says anything at the doctor's, it’s mostly Santana while she just stands there.

When are we supposed to learn about Santana's job?
It's announced in tomorrow's episode.

Is she happy to have it? Or is it something embarrassing?
She's happy and proud. She shares it with the loft but at the time she does is when Kurt and Rachel are upset with her bc of Brody. So yeah, in a way it's overlooked.

Santana's standards are pretty...unique. Did you like the choice of job?
Yup. More than anything I liked she got one. Making her way in. Bonus: Santana makes a Lena Duhnam mention.

Any word on Santana during the doctor scene? Is it sweet or supportive or is she snarky again?
Snarky Santana can be a bit of all.

Santana gets the pager while Brody is showering but she doesn't show it to Kurt or Rachel. She is not wearing shoes when she sneaks to the bathroom.

Rachel and Kurt confront Santana for confronting Brody at NYADA.

Did Brittany have any lines then? Was there any interaction with Sam, anything besides just sitting next to him?
Nope. Nada.

There's practically no Brittany in the episode. There are just a couple of glimpses of her in the choir room and that's it. She isn't in any number.

The whole Ryder Catfish thing--they never show who's his online friend.

The online friend is not flirting with him. She is more being a friend and connecting with him.
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