just the god of everything else (primarycolors92) wrote in ontd_glee,
just the god of everything else

Darren Criss Says Kurt and Blaine Are Glee's "Ross and Rachel"

Let the record show: We're still scraping our jaws off the floor after last night's Glee! Not only was there an unexpected same-sex hookup and a pregnancy, but Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) had a steamy makeout session in the back of a car—only to reaffirm their status as "friends." Gaaah!

The good news is we just talked to Darren himself and he firmly believes that Kurt and Blaine are a different kind of "friends," as the TV show Friends...as in the show's core coupling and soul-mate "lobsters," Ross and Rachel.

is there anyone in the world who actually likes ross and rachelCollapse )

video at the source
Tags: "actor": darrin criss, klaine sucks fyi., speculation, you sound like a blarren stan
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