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this kitten got your tongue tied in knots

"Diva" spoilers.

Tina basically just calls Santana and says, "One word: Bram" and hangs up.

Brittany says that Nutbush City Limits is the best performance of all time ever.

Brittany doesn't have an answer for Santana when Santana asks why Brittany didn't tell her about Sam.

Santana is paying Elaine in scratchers and a t-shirt to pose as her girlfriend. They mouse-kiss after Brittany and Santana talk post-Nutbush City Limits, which ends that scene.

Brittany talks to Elaine after Nutbush City Limits and finds out about Santana paying her. She also finds out that Santana dropped out.

When Sue is offering Santana the job (which is Cheerios-related), she mentions being close to Brittany. Brittany is the first person to mention New York.

Santana mentions the trail of cheerios on the ground when confronting Sam.

Make No Mistake: Brittany does nothing but watch the end of their performance and hear their conversation after the song. Santana just stands and sings at Sam.

After Make No Mistake, Sam tells Santana to let Brittany go because he's good for her. Santana says never.

Brittany doesn't want to break up with Sam because she likes him and he makes her feel smart. She tells Santana to go to New York where she can be around a lot of people like her and find a real girlfriend (because Elaine wasn't real) but not a best friend because that spot is taken. Santana call her her best friend. They also mouse-kiss.

Brittany tells Santana that she isn't breaking up with Sam and then Santana says they don't need to date again, she just wants Brittany to aim higher.

Santana calls Brittany a genius again.

"Girl On Fire" takes place in both McKinley and New York.

NYC: Kurt asks Santana what she's doing there, she says "moving in" and the episode ends. Rachel is there for this.

Tina and Blaine on a bed together.

Finn and Emma kiss.
Tags: episode 4x13, spoilers
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