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'Glee' Q&A: Meet Oliver Kieran-Jones, Kurt's New Man in NYC

Get to know the Welsh actor whose Adam has swept Kurt Hummel off his feet on the Fox series

Oliver Kieran-Jones can do a mean Marge Simpson impression. Tipped off by a fan, when we caught up with the Wales-born actor last week we quizzed him on his accents and impressions and along with the spot-on Simpsons character he also dropped in and out of Welsh, British, American and Irish with ease. Aside from his natural British accent, we don't think those particular skills will come in handy as his new gig as Adam Crawford, the first boy to sweep Kurt Hummel off his feet on "Glee" after this season's breakup of power-couple Klaine. (But it's "Glee" so we're not counting anything out!)

Oliver-as-Adam made his first appearance two weeks ago with a cheeky performance of "Baby Got Back" alongside his ragtag NYADA glee club, the Adam's Apples, and will continue for at least two more upcoming episodes this season. We caught up with Kieran-Jones to talk about his whirlwind "Glee" casting, what he thinks of his character Adam and the fan reaction to him, and what it's like jumping the pond to try his hand at the American film and TV scene.

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