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Who’s Kitty’s New Crush? Becca Tobin Dishes on ‘Glee’s’ Return

Kitty Wilde might be one of the most hated new characters on TV, but FOX’s Glee star Becca Tobin says redemption is on the way for her on-screen persona – thanks to a new crush!

But it’s not just any high school crush: She has the hots for Puck (Mark Salling). “She has a run-in with Puck, and I’m hoping it brings out a softer side of her,” Tobin told Celebuzz. “Perhaps a little crush will soften her up a bit.”

After what she did to Marley (Melissa Benoist) – which resulted in New Directions’ Sectionals disaster — she’s going to need to do some serious damage control. But don’t worry, Kitty fans, there’s still hope for McKinley’s top glee-otch.

“I think there’s a part of Kitty that wants to be Marley’s friend,” said Tobin. “She struggles with her jealously toward Marley and all this attention she’s getting, but then at the same time, she finds Marley to be very sweet. I think she wants girlfriends. She doesn’t have many friends, so I’m hoping she and Marley come to a place where they can be friends.”

Continue reading for more scoop on McKinley’s upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance, the bumpy road ahead for the New Directions crew and what Tobin really thinks of her Cheerio uniform.Collapse )

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