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Nene kills off Brynn in the new episode of The New Normal

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, Bryan's fierce assistant does her part to help the father-to-be try to score more time at home.

(Click the image to watch the video)

NBC's freshman comedy The New Normal is taking a stab at diva actresses.

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's "Stay-at-Home Dad," Nene Leakes' Rocky does her part to help her showrunner boss Bryan (Andrew Rannells) handle a difficult actress on his scripted musical series, Sing.

When his young starlet challenges her dialogue -- "My character would never say this!" she says -- Bryan's dedicated assistant puts her in her place and threatens to replace her with … Demi Lovato.

It's all part of Rocky's bid to help Bryan find more time to spend at home now that Goldie's due date is rapidly approaching and fatherhood will begin to take a precedent over how showrunning duties.

Elsewhere in the episode, David (Justin Bartha) and Bryan send Goldie (Georgia King) off for a spa day so they can properly determine which of the two of them is best qualified to trade their careers to become a stay-at-home dad as they care for Shania (Bebe Wood) and her friends.

Check out the clip, and hit the comments with your thoughts on which young diva the Sing star is taking a shot at. The New Normal airs Tuesdays at 9:30 on NBC.

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