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Lea Michele's Red Carpet Beauty Regimen

When Lea Michele stepped out at the People's Choice Awards last night in a sparkly fuchsia mini dress by Elie Saab, flaunting her toned, tanned stems and flawless mani-pedi, we couldn't but wonder what beauty products she relies on most.
Luckily for us, all we had to do was take our curiosity to Twitter and quickly discovered that her manicurist, Jenna Hipp, divulged the details on Instagram.

Among the loot? John Masters Organics Cacao & Cupuacu Hand and Body Butter, a nude shade of HIPPxRGB nail polish, a glossy magenta Tom Ford polish, ILIA all-natural lip balm used as a hand highlighter) and more.

"I initially applied the John Masters Organics Hand and Body Butter on Lea's arms and legs in long, even strokes with a foundation brush and massaged in to blend. Skin is left smooth and hydrated—literally, it glows!" Hipp tells us.

We can totally tell.
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