Mike ( kevinmchale ) wrote in ontd_glee ,

Stars’ Memories of Holidays, Worst Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas, readers! We asked the stars for their Christmas thoughts, memories and … the worst holiday gifts they ever received.

Lea Michele: I got a box of peanuts one year.

Chris Colfer: I was forgotten one Christmas not by my parents—but someone did forget. So, that someone wrapped up candy canes in a napkin and wrote my name on the napkin.

Amber Riley: I got a dollar for Christmas once.

Harry Shum Jr.: I got roller blades when I was 4. I thought it was the best thing in the world. I ended up injuring myself in the next two years. So that was probably my worst and best gift all in one.

Tags: actor: harry shum jr, article: random, goddess: amber riley, hrh: chris colfer, queen: lea michele
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