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Glee's Kiki Drama: Why Would FOX Deny Choreographers No-Fee Creative Credit?

It seems like a dream scenario for any undiscovered choreographer: Sarah Jessica Parker, in all her sinewy glory, performing their steps next to Lea Michele for a TV audience of millions. But when Brad Landers , the 29-year-old Manhattan-based choreographer whose moves Ms. Parker displayed on Glee's November 29th episode, viewed the footage, he was unable to revel in pride, or even accomplishment. Instead, he reached for his iPhone and texted a friend: "'Homage' is an interesting way to explain why I'm not credited — the choreography is all mine.

Also, SJP needs a dance captain."

"Homage" is the word producers of FOX's hit show-choir series used in an email obtained by TheaterMania to explain to Landers why he would not receive credit for his original choreography, set to The Scissor Sisters' club hit "Let's Have a Kiki." Landers' dance transformed the song into the new millennium's gay "Macarena," which worked its way from YouTube to nightclubs across the globe and onto the radar of FOX's production studios [who did not respond to TheaterMania's requests for comment by the time of this publication] in just under four months. The email, dated November 14, was sent by Mark Fried, President of Spirit Music Group, which handles Glee's music licensing. Fried explained that the show's producers viewed the dance number as a "loving homage" to Landers' original "Kiki." In their eyes, Sarah Jessica Parker would not be dancing to the work of a specific choreographer. Rather, she would be performing a piece of faceless pop culture that had been waiting to be plucked from the free market.

tl;dr. glee doesn"t credit someone once again.Collapse )

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