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Hayden Panettiere gives Glee a shout-out while reacting to her Golden Globe nom

"I'm the epitome of surprise and shocked!" Hayden Panettiere said of her first Golden Globe nomination in the supporting actress field for her role as Nashville's love to hate her Juliette Barnes. The Heroes alum says she felt a mix of emotions after waking up early for the first batch of nominations and went back to sleep, only to receive a call shortly afterward from her long-time manager. "I didn't know whether to ball hysterically or jump up and down on the bed so I decided to do both," Panettiere told THR.

Calling the role, which allows the Grammy-nominated singer to combine her love of music with acting, a dream come true, the actress said she felt vindicated after early critics were skeptical of her part in the ABC musical soap. "I feel like I'm going through the same struggles as Juliette: she wants to be respected in her craft, she knows how people perceive her and what they think she's capable of but she knows capable of more and I feel like I've been fighting the same battle and it's paid off. I'm so flattered and humbled."

With Nashville also picking up a nom for co-star Connie Britton and Smash earning a series mention, Panettiere noted Glee helped pave the way for musicals to have their moment in the spotlight. "Glee was the first to do that and hats off to them for continuing to make it work and Smash is proving this pattern; people are enjoying musicals and that's a great privilege for us."


p.s. watch nashville
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