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Another 4x10 Promo + 4x10 Spoilers + 4x11 Song Spoiler

Are Puck and Jake in L.A.?

how long is the dream sequence?
10 minutes or so

will kurt be happy in artie's fanatsy?

does Blaine show up in Artie's dream sequence?
“Who’s Blaine?”

is "have yourself a merry little christmas" a montage?
yes, nyc and ohio.

Is Quinn in this episode?
her wheelchair is…

we'll know something about Blaine and college?

will there be any significant tina/artie interaction?
tina is the first person that artie will talk to in his dream

Does Puck get a tattoo?
yes, a matching tattoo with his bro

Is Artie defending Kurt in the dream sequence when Kurt is being pushed against the lockers? Do they have a conversation?

is there any reference to the fact that artie and tina dated in his fantasy?
not really but hm… well, she still stutters

Marley's mom will be in this episode?
Yes she will, very cute scenes with Marley!

Can you say something about the flashback with little Kurt in the episode? Thanks!
there’s no flashback with little kurt.

Is The First Noel in the Holiday Concert?
no, she will sing the song for her mom as a xmas present in the kitchen and it will be a acapella version

Is Kurt's mother mentioned at all?

Do Brittany and Sam have vows at the wedding?

Is Rachel in other scenes besides the librarian fantasy?


very LQ and low volume but “Who’s Blaine?”


Tell Him, sung by Brittany & Marley, originally sung by Vonda Shepard.

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