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baby, play me something like 'here comes the sun'

"Swan Song" Recaps and Reviews

AV Club - "a snappy episode that splits its time just right"Collapse )
Hit Fix - "an odd strategy for a show that"s already bleeding fans"Collapse )
RBI Report - "So with the writers patently kicking down the fourth wall and punching me in the face with meta, I"m not sure how I should react to the whole ordeal."Collapse )
More Recaps and ReviewsCollapse )

If you have thoughts or opinions about any of the storylines, treatment of characters or the meta commentary in "Swan Song", the mods would like to strongly encourage you to share them in the comment sections of the sites that do reviews. The more the better, though the best are sites that release exclusive glee content like Billboard, EW, E!, TV Line, Hollywood Reporter, Digital Spy and Wetpaint.

Tags: !recaps and reviews, episode 4x09
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