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Kate Hudson Explains What She Really Instructed Dean Geyer To Do In Their Steamy Glee Scene

Kate Hudson would like to clarify something one of her “Glee” co-stars said on Access Hollywood Live.

The Almay spokesperson revealed she did not instruct Dean Geyer, who plays NYADA upper classman Brody Weston, to “grope my ass,” as he revealed on Access Hollywood Live last week.

“For the record, I did not say, ‘Grope my ass.’ I did not say that!” Kate told Access Hollywood in New York City on Monday, with a laugh.

Dean previously told Access Kate used the phrase when they filmed the steamy rehearsal scene between the NYADA dance teacher – Kate’s Cassandra July – and Dean’s Brody – while Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry was out of town in the “Grease” episode. (Click HERE to watch Dean’s Access Hollywood Live interview!)

“When you’re dancing, people get [close],” Kate continued, before revealing what she really told her co-star. “Anybody, I’m sure, who’s done like, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ [knows] you get very personal and you cannot be apologetic. You just have to do it and this last number I did, you straddle faces and just as a dancer, you just kind of go, ‘Oh, all right.’ And for Dean, it was like, ‘Ok, stop being so timid. We gotta get it. Just grab it. It’s fine. We’re gonna get through it.”

Kate will only be around to film two or three more episodes of “Glee,” but she said Cassandra will continue to torment Rachel.

“Every time I get a script, I’m like, ‘Oh my God! How far are you going to take Cassandra?’ But I’m loving it. She’s a really great, fun character to play out, the naughty mean side,” Kate said. “And to sing and dance has been just an absolute thrill. Everybody on the show is great. I get to work with Lea a lot. She’s just full of amazing energy. She’s so talented.”

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