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Gleezone summary for "Glee, Actually" + a couple of "Thanksgiving" answers

Two questions about tonight's episode: 1) Does the episode start with the Home mash-up or with a dialogue scene? 2) Is the spoken part in the beginning of "Let's Have a Kiki" ("Hey, I'm calling you back ...") part of the performance or does it start right with the singing?
Yes and yes, we see her speaking.

Hi! What can you tell about Hummelberry in tonight's episode?
They’re pretty awesome. They miss their dads but they feel like they need to move forward in order to become the better version of themselves. The Kiki performance is crazy and fun.

It’s the holiday season, and with the Mayan Apocalypse rapidly approaching, kindred spirits Brittany and Sam prepare for the end of days. Following a revealing road trip, the Puckerman brothers take steps to mend their dysfunctional family. Kurt gets an unexpected Christmas visitor who brings a bag of mixed surprises to New York. Meanwhile, an accident leads Artie to take a look at his “wonderful life,” and Sue is taken with the Christmas spirit.

Tags: episode 4x08, episode 4x10, news: information
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