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Chris Colfer Talks Glee's Thanksgiving, Klaine's Realization and His Big Apple Dreams for Kurt

Thanksgiving arrives (a week late) on Fox’s Glee this Thursday at 9/8c, and Chris Colfer has much to be grateful for. In addition to his role as Kurt, who has been transplanted to New York City alongside Lea Michele’s Rachel, Colfer penned Struck By Lightning, an indie comedy that rolls out on VOD/iTunes Dec. 19 (before hitting theaters in January) — and at the time we met up with the actor/author/screenwriter, he was touring the East Coast to tout his novelization of same.

After signing copies for a line of fans that wrapped around a New Jersey bookstore, Colfer spoke with TVLine about the many hats he wears, how Glee is different now that he “commutes” to the Big Apple, his excitement over having a “Kiki” with Sarah Jessica Parker and a realization “Klaine” is about to have.

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