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"Dynamic Duets" Spoilers

Thursday is Thanksgiving, but it's also the night of a new episode of Glee. So why should you wake up from your turkey-induced nap and check it out? How about because it's the best episode in a long, long time.

Yes, despite the fact that I'm a notorious Glee hater, a watched a preview of "Dynamic Duets" and was overcome with an unusual emotion: joy. I actually loved watching Glee again.

"Dynamic Duets" is all about superheroes as the New Directions prepare for Sectionals against the dastardly Warblers. It's written and directed by Ian Brennan, aka the guy who always seems to do the best and funniest Glee episodes. The only other time he wrote and directed was last season's body-swapping "Props."

Here are just eight reasons why you should definitely tune in.

Where"s the streetwise Hercules?Collapse )
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