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Dianna Interview with Teen.com

We had a hunch Dianna Agron would like one of our Teen.com kitten stickers and we were right. “Don’t like it,” she said while choosing her Instagram filter. “Love it.”

We had a chance to talk with the newly-minted Nintendo ambassador on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles last week to talk about Nintendo’s Play As You Are campaign work with their games, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone. Dianna is an avid photographer since high school and created the artistic site You, Me and Charlie so her interest, particularly in the latter of those two games, makes perfect sense.

Read on for her thoughts about the recent presidential election, her experience working on the upcoming Malavita, why she came under attack recently from girl gamers, oh yeah, and her return to Glee as the one and only Miss Quinn Fabray.

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