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Starry Constellation Mag interview with Nene Leakes

Q) You are also Coach Roz Washington on the show "Glee." Is there a chance you will be making a cameo this season?

A) I'm really hoping to make a cameo this season as Roz. I love, love, love being over at "Glee." I have the greatest time playing Coach Roz. So, I am hoping that I am definitely invited over there to do more with Roz.

Q) A lot of the "Glee" cast were fans of yours from "Real Housewives of Atlanta." What was it like to step on set knowing you were a celebrity to them?

A) It was absolutely amazing because I love people like Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera and Jane Lynch. They are all stars themselves! For them to have me come over and all go crazy was so hilarious to me. They definitely welcomed me with open arms at "Glee" and I miss all of them. We shoot at Paramount and so do they. So, they are actually just across the parking lot from me. I bumped into Chris Colfer the other day and I talk to Naya all the time.

the rest of it is at the source
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