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Is Ryan Murphy trolling "Glee"'s lesbian fandom?

(ed. note: this could also be titled "heather hogan stops kissing ryan murphy's ass long enough to notice there's a problem")

Nothing fuels fandom like a hiatus, and the way Glee dropped the microphone six weeks ago was like throwing a match on pyre. "The Break Up" featured the break ups of all four of the show's power couples, including Brittany and Santana, and if you don't think the fandom fallout was apocalyptic, let me introduce you to my friend Tumblr. We've lived through a lot of fictional lesbian breakups and makeups here at AfterEllen, and usually the cycle is the same: A lesbian couple breaks up, we wail and gnash our teeth and vow never to watch a show again, time passes, we process, fanfiction happens, the show returns and so do we.

But this year's Glee hiatus has been a little different. Rather than letting the fandom flame flare and burn itself out, Ryan Murphy keeps throwing kindling on the Brittana fire. Last week, he tweeted a photo of Brittany and Sam in fancy dress and captioned it, "The Wedding Of The Year."

Two days ago someone apparently tweeted to ask Murphy what's his ground wire after a long day at work, and he replied, "Red wine. And avoiding Brittana tweets." (The tweet is no longer available in Murphy's Twitter timeline.)

i guess this has spoilers for other shows idkCollapse )

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