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"Glee, The Music Presents Glease, The Flop"

[the newest dispatch from the cast of Glee, will likely sell 15-20k]

Forecsts for Now 44, Aerosmith, Ne-Yo, All That Remains and Glease, Plus Jokes 

November 7, 2012

Would you believe that long lines at polling places put a damper on first-day sales for several of this week's new releases? Would you believe that sweeping Democratic victories mean "our nation must be governed by the center"? Would you believe that what happened that time at the Motel 6 has never happened to us before?
Well, whatever you believe, here are some facts about the week's key debuts.

Capitol's Now 44 looks set to move 95-105k, while Aerosmith's new one on Columbia should do 70-80k. Ne-Yo (Motown) appears set to rap up 50-55k and Razor & Tie's All That Remains should scare up 20-25k.

Tell you more, tell you more? Well, Glease (Columbia), the newest dispatch from the cast of Glee, will likely sell 15-20k. Are we the only ones who think of Buddy Hackett's waiter routine whenever we see that title? We are? OK, then.

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